Studijní plán: Finance a řízení - kombinovaná forma, platný pro studenty, kteří započali studium od ZS 2015/2016

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Finance and Management - ZS 2016/2017 P 1 6 kr. Z,ZK
Finance a řízení - platný pro studenty, kteří započali studium od ZS 2015/2016 P 1 6 kr. Z,ZK
Finance a řízení - platný pro studenty, kteří započali studium od ZS 2016/2017 P 1 6 kr. Z,ZK


  • Sets, propositional calculus, basic elementary functions and their graphs.
  • Real function of one real variable. Basic definitions: domain and range, operations with functions, composite function, inverse function.
  • Limit at a point, continuity of a function at a point. Basic properties of limits.
  • Derivative. Physical meaning of the first derivative (velocity), geometrical meaning (slope, tangent line, normal to a graph).
  • Mean value theorems (Rolle, Lagrange, Cauchy). The l'Hospital rule. Asymptots to a graph.
  • Monotony of a function, local extreme values. Concave and convex functions, inflection points of the graph.
  • Sketching the graph of a function, global extreme values.
  • Approximation of the function: differential, the Taylor polynomial.
  • Systems of algebraic linear equations, matrices, linear independence of rows in a matrix, rank of a matrix, Gaussian elimination method.
  • Matrix algebra: linear combination of matrices, matrix multiplication. Determinants: definition, evaluating determinants of degree 2 and 3.
  • Matrix inverse. Cofactor, expanding a determinant about a row or a column, row or column transformations of determinants. Calculating a matrix inverse by determinats or by the Jordan elimination.
  • Systems of linear quations with a general matrix. Solvability (Frobenius theorem), solving a system by the Gaussian elimination.
  • Basics of linear programming.
  • Vector spaces: arithmetic vector space, vector space of functions on an interval.

Doporučená literatura

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