Studijní plán: Cestovní ruch - platný pro studenty, kteří započali studium od ZS 2009/2010

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  • AJ2/CR-u2
    • Reservations and check-in. Telephone reservation. Short answers. Tag questions.
    • A fax reservation. Hotel documents. Checking in procedure. Confirming reservations.
    • Hotel and restaurant services. In the restaurant. Menus. Ordering meal. Calling reception.
    • Telephone messages. Hotel notices and information sheets. Allocating rooms.
    • Intentions and spontaneous decisions. Making requests. American and British English.
    • Jobs in the food and beverage cycle.
    • Money matters. Financial transactions. Checking out. A bill from the Royal York Hotel.
    • A memo to staff. A letter offering a special rate. Using numbers. The Passive. Financial terms.
    • Exchanging foreign currency. A comparison of tipping in three countries.
    • History of the U. K. (from 1603). In-class presentation.

Doporučená literatura

  • Harding, K. – Henderson, P.: High Season. Oxford University Press, 1997. Kratochvílová, Z.: English Speaking Countries. Basic Facts. VOŠ Jihlava, 2004. DOPLŇUJÍCÍ LITERATURA: Murphy, R.: English Grammar in Use. Cambridge University Press, 2003. Ashley, A.: A Handbook of Commercial Correspondence. Oxford University Press, 1996. Brendlová,S.: Basic Facts on English Speaking Countries. Plzeň, Fraus, 2000. Krejčíř, J. – Soják, S.: Czech History. Chronological Survey. Dubicko, INFOA, 2000.


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