Business Economics 2

Studijní plán: Erasmus - Cestovní ruch - příjezd na krátkodobý studijní pobyt

PředmětBusiness Economics 2 (PEK2-1)
GarantujeKatedra ekonomických studií (KES)
GarantIng. Simona Činčalová, Ph.D.
Počet kreditů5
Prezenční studium
Přednáška2 h
Cvičení2 h
Studijní plán Typ Sem. Kred. Ukon.
Erasmus - Cestovní ruch - příjezd na krátkodobý studijní pobyt PV 5 kr. Z,ZK
Erasmus - Finance a řízení - příjezd na krátkodobý studijní pobyt PV 5 kr. Z,ZK
Finance a řízení - platný pro studenty, kteří započali studium od ZS 2019/2020 P 2 5 kr. Z,ZK


  • Introduction to Business Economics 2
  • Economic result of the company, income and costs
  • Cash flows in the enterprise
  • Basic forms of company financing
  • Introduction to economic efficiency of investments
  • Business plan (BP) - definition of terms and structure of BP
  • Analysis of the sector (market) in terms of BP
  • Description of business opportunity in relation to BP
  • Analysis of competition
  • Marketing and business strategy in relation to BP
  • Implementation project plan
  • Financial plan as an important part of BP
  • Risks of BP

Doporučená literatura


Students are able to explain the following economic terms, categories and business plan, which will enable them to perceive the economic context that occurs in companies (entrepreneurial subjects of both natural and legal persons). During lectures students learn the theoretical knowledge according to the specified content of the course. Exercises are practiced sample examples of individual thematic units and then students in the form of self-study using e-learning independently practice individual tasks, which are submitted to the teacher for control. Students will elaborate business plans, which are presented during the exercises.

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