Sustainability in business

Studijní plán: Erasmus - Finance a řízení - příjezd na krátkodobý studijní pobyt

PředmětSustainability in business (UVPa)
GarantujeKatedra ekonomických studií (KES)
GarantPhDr. Jan Závodný Pospíšil, Ph.D.
Počet kreditů2
Prezenční studium
Cvičení2 h
Kombinované studium
DotacePředmět je v kombinované formě studia vyučován formou konzultací.
Studijní plán Typ Sem. Kred. Ukon.
V 2 kr. ZA
Erasmus - Cestovní ruch - příjezd na krátkodobý studijní pobyt PV 2 kr. KZ
Erasmus - Finance a řízení - příjezd na krátkodobý studijní pobyt PV 2 kr. KZ


  • 1. Introduction to sustainability, analysis of global issues and trends
  • 2. Consumption and overconsumption, the view from the consumer
  • 3. World resources, opportunities, development
  • 4. Waste and waste management
  • 5. The economic sustainability level
  • 6. Social sustainability level
  • 7. Sustainable business, sustainable business vision
  • 8. Measuring sustainability

Doporučená literatura

  • SACHS, Jeffrey. The age of sustainable development. New York, [New York]: Columbia University Press, 2015, ©2015. ISBN 9780231539005.


Aims of the course:
The aim of the course is to introduce the concept of sustainability to students. During the study will be introduced three levels of sustainable business – economic level, social and environmental. On the basis of case studies will be discussed sustainable business practices, new trends and specifics of the different business sectors, consumption and overconsumption, sources in business, global challenges and sustainability management. Students will be able to apply the course knowledge into practice in enterprises and propose options for improving sustainable business in the country.

Learning outcomes and competences:
Apply - the sustainable principle into the sphere of businesses.
Choose - the appropriate tools for measuring sustainability within the companies.
Demonstrate - the impact of consumer behavior on the environment.
Illustrate - the impacts of excessive consumption on economic performance.
Prepare - steps to set the waste management within the companies.
Produce - an analysis of three sustainability levels within the society at large as well as in specific company.
Solve - the companies challenges related to overconsumption of resources.

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