Background Studies of The Czech Republic

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PředmětBackground Studies of The Czech Republic (BSTCR)
GarantujeKatedra cestovního ruchu (KCR)
GarantMgr. Jaroslava Mallinu, Ph.D.
Počet kreditů2
Prezenční studium
Cvičení2 h
Kombinované studium
DotacePředmět je v kombinované formě studia vyučován formou konzultací.
Studijní plán Typ Sem. Kred. Ukon.
V 2 kr. ZA
Erasmus - Cestovní ruch - příjezd na krátkodobý studijní pobyt PV 2 kr. KZ
Erasmus - Finance a řízení - příjezd na krátkodobý studijní pobyt PV 2 kr. KZ


  • The aim of this course is to introduce some aspects and facts about the Czech Republic, mainly focused on personalities, UNESCO sights, legends, traditions, folk art, and the current cultural situation. This course presents some of the most important personalities that positively influenced or made a significant contribution to the scientific, cultural, educational or political field and their influential ideas remain to the present days. UNESCO sights in the Czech Republic are attractions sought by tourist and are the reflection of previous cultural life and situation. UNESCO sights of the Czech Republic will be discussed in detail in order to be well introduced to the students. Another important aspect is a wide range of folk traditions and traditional feasts as they play an essential part in the life of all Czech people and therefore for foreigners it is necessary to understand them while staying in the Czech Republic. Czech humor, basic phrases in Czech language and other information can help the students to get better orientation in everyday life in our country.

Doporučená literatura

  • 1. Hrubeš J., Hrubešová, E.: Foreigners in Prague, Orion, Prague 2007
    2. Dvořák, P. : Czech Republic – Castles and Chateux -Hist. Towns, Culture and Nature České Budějovice 2002
    3. Beattie, A. : Visitor´s Guide to Czechoslovakia, Moorland Publishing Co. Ltd., England 1991
    4. Toušek,V. and others: Czech Republic – Portraits of Regions, Ministry for Regional Development, Prague 2005


An introduction of aspects of contemporary life in the Czech Republic including culture, UNESCO sights, important personalities and traditions that reflect the everyday life of all inhabitants of the country.

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