Educational activities in the work of midwives

Studijní plán: Porodní asistentka - platný pro studenty, kteří započali studium od ZS 2013/2014

PředmětEducational activities in the work of midwives (EAWM)
GarantujeKatedra zdravotnických studií (KZS)
Počet kreditů2
Prezenční studium
Cvičení2 h
Studijní plán Typ Sem. Kred. Ukon.
Porodní asistentka - platný pro studenty, kteří započali studium od ZS 2013/2014 P 5 2 kr. ZA


  • • Education in health care
  • • The education process, role of the midwife as educator
  • • Applying learning theories to healthcare practice
  • • Determinants of learning, learning styles
  • • Developmental stages of the learner
  • • Motivation of the learner
  • • Cultural attributes of the learner
  • • The education and types of disabilities – sensory deficits, learning disabilities, mental illness, communication disorders
  • • Techniques and strategies for teaching and learning, teaching plans
  • • Instructional methods
  • • Instructional materials
  • • Education of women during pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium

Doporučená literatura

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The course is conceived as theoretical-practical. The goal is to understand the importance of patient education in the care of his health and the role of the midwife in the education process. The course defines the learning process, the factors that affect learning, techniques and strategies for learning and teaching. The course includes specific knowledge of education in different developmental stages and in certain types of disability. Students will learn about teaching methods, instructional materials and teaching plans.


Aim of this subject is to provide students with information about pedagogy as the scientific discipline, about the significance of education, about education principles, pedagogical methods and about the role of nurse in education process.



Student knows methods, forms and means of education. He can apply education process to healthy and ill women. He knows the principles of education.



Student is able to assemble education plan and is able to use it in nursing practice.


Obecné způsobilosti:

Students acquire knowledge and professional skills which are essential for planning, providing and evaluating of nursing care in respective discipline and for activities related with health care.


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