Studijní plán: Finance a řízení - kombinovaná forma, platný pro studenty, kteří započali studium od ZS 2019/2020

PředmětMarketing (MGAa-2)
GarantujeKatedra ekonomických studií (KES)
GarantIng. Marie Slabá, Ph.D.
Počet kreditů4
Prezenční studium
Přednáška2 h
Cvičení2 h
Kombinované studium
Tutoriál / přednáška8 h
Cvičení6 h
Studijní plán Typ Sem. Kred. Ukon.
Finance a řízení - kombinovaná forma, platný pro studenty, kteří započali studium od ZS 2019/2020 P 2 4 kr. Z,ZK
Finance a řízení - platný pro studenty, kteří započali studium od ZS 2019/2020 P 2 4 kr. Z,ZK


  • • Syllabus of the course:
    1. Introduction to Marketing, History of Marketing
    2. Marketing Management, Analysis of Marketing Environment
    3. Process STP
    4. Marketing Mix – Product
    5. Marketing Mix – Price
    6. Marketing Mix – Place
    7. Marketing Mix – Marketing Communication and Promotion
    8. Marketing Research
    9. Consumer´s Behaviour
    10. Marketing of the Services and Non-profit Sector
    11. Marketing Applications
    12. International Marketing
    13. Adaptation and Standardisation of the Marketing Mix for International Markets
    14. Selected Problems in Modern Marketing

Doporučená literatura

  • • Compulsory:
    Student support in LMS Moodle
    KOTLER, P., KELLER, K., L. Marketing management. 15th edition. Harlow: Pearson, 2015. ISBN 978-0134236933.
    KOTLER, P., ARMSTRONG, G. Principles of marketing. 15th global ed. Harlow: Pearson, 2014. ISBN 978-0-273-78699-3.

    • Recommended:
    CATEORA, P.R. et al. International marketing. 15th edition. New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2011. ISBN 978-0-352994-3



The course aims to familiarize students with basic knowledge of modern marketing, elements of marketing, basic tools of the marketing mix, marketing management, marketing research, consumer’s behaviour and the basis of the promotion. The lectures are focused on the interpretation of basic terms (marketing mix, marketing research, segmentation, consumer’s behaviour, etc.). Seminars are dedicated to the practice of individual topics on specific practical examples.


Knowledge: Students are able to define the basis of marketing and the essence of marketing, segment markets, to perform simple marketing research. Students can apply basic principles of marketing management and marketing and promotional tools.


Skills: Students are able to construct a graph of the product life cycle. Students can analyse and apply the elements of marketing and promotion. Students can segment the market and can prepare a basic methodology of marketing research and a questionnaire.


General competencies: Students are able to work in a team as well as to work and to make decisions on their own. Students are able to coordinate their activities with other team members, to be responsible for the outcome of their work, to create and interpret their opinion in a clear and convincing way, to present the results of their work.

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